Aircraft Sales & Listings

AlphaJets, LLC has global reach in marketing and selling pre-owned aircraft, which enable us to find the right buyer for your aircraft at the highest price and best terms. Based on our comprehensive market knowledge and access, we are able to right position your aircraft and set up realistic ask prices based on other comparable aircrafts available in the market.  We provide full aircraft brokerage service, including aggressive marketing and advertising and lead generation, market analysis, follow-ups and negotiations. As part of our services, we market and advertise your aircraft is in all major publications, through direct mail, print, internet and customized brochures. Alphajets analyze all offers it receives for your aircraft and present you all serious and viable ones for your consideration. We negotiate the offers on your behalf to maximize price and improve terms. In addition, we coordinate the pre-purchase inspections, negotiate the final contracts and deliver the aircraft.

Finally, AlphaJets will work with you on planning the replacement of your aircraft, if you consider it, and in parallel will start searching your next aircraft and the financial options to acquire it.

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