2007 Agusta Grand


A109 S  GRAND  2007
HERITAGE AVIATION Customizing (set/07)
750 HRS Total Time

Asking Price: US$ 3.950.000
2º GNS 530 Garmin
MFD GMX 200 Garmin
RDR-2000 Radar Interfaced to GMX-200
Altitude Alert System
Stdby Analogic VOR with Glide Slope
Mode S GTX 330 Garmin Transponder
L-3 Sky-899 HP Traffic System (35 NM range)
Horizontal Stabilizer Tip Strobes
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Reinforced Windshield
Baggage Extension with Floor Protection
Silent Premiun Soundproofing
Tinted Windows
Seats Convered with Selected Leather
02 LCD Passenger Display Moving Map
Electrically Operated Cabin Passanger Step
MVA Anti Vibration Kit
Aeronave  em Leasing Operacional (não nacionalizada)